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       The overall success rate for 2012 was 50%. That is average for wildlife rehabilitation. We cannot release any animal unless it is able to fend for itself in its natural environment. Most of our animals do not do well in captivity. All have serious problems or they could not have been caught and brought in.
       In 2012 we had poor survival of house finches and house sparrows. This year we are changing our diet and some of our fedding techniques to improve their survival.        In 2012 the SWCC admitted 1852 animals representing 127 different species.

       1642 birds
       184 mammals
       24 reptiles
       1 amphibian and 1 spider.
       1347 baby animals & 34 eggs
       311 cat or dog mauls
       296 car (or other) collisions
       45 illness or parasites
       28 escaped exotic pets
       22 gunshot
       19 trap injuries
       12 oiled or coated

       Unfortunately 386 animals were admitted in hopeless condition. They were either dead on arrival or admitted with injuries so severe and irreparable that they were euthanized for humane reasons. They are not considered in the success rate. We attempted to care for 1466 animals.
       96 animals were transferred to other rehab centers, placed in zoos, adopted, or returned to their owners. Some of the animals we receive are escaped pets, such as red-eared sliders and parakeets. They are not released.
       At the end of the year 31 animals were still at the SWCC and 600 animals had been released.

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