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COVID-19 Response

We are open to receive animals between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm every day, including weekends and holidays. Please park outside the building. If an employee doesn't come outside in a moment, call 883-9414 or push the intercom button. We will take the animal from you and then return your box. Tee shirts can still be purchased, and we gladly accept donations.

We cannot answer animal questions via email, please call.

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Baby River Otter
1 / 12
Barn Owl
2 / 12
Burrowing Owl
3 / 12
California Ground Squirrel
4 / 12
Screech Owl
6 / 12
Hoary Bat
7 / 12
American Kestrel
8 / 12
California King Snake
9 / 12
Screech Owl
10 / 12
Baby Cottontail
11 / 12
Great-Horned Owl
12 / 12
Baby Black-crowned Night Herons


Currently, all volunteers are on hiatus. As soon as the outbreak subsides, we will need as much help as possible. If you wish to volunteer, please apply, and we will keep you up to date on the status of the volunteer program.

The little ones will need your help.
Baby Animal Shower

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Baby Animal Shower will be a virtual event this year. More information in a few days.

$5,000 Matching Grant

We have received a $5,000, matching grant toward our new storage building. If receive another $5,000 in the next three weeks, the donor will match those funds. A donation toward the build now will be doubled.

Click on the donate button to your right or send a check noting that it is for the new building.

Thank You

So far we have received $1,800 toward the $5,000.

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Amazon will donate to us at no expense to you.

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Contact us at: SWCCenter@stanislauswildlife.org
The animals are counting on you.